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“Aries, as a fire sign, is impulsive and spontaneous and loves to stir the pot, so they want drinks that other signs might not be able to handle,” Faragher tells Bustle. “Virgo will be a bit less party-centric than Aries or Gemini, who are more likely to get the party going.” Faragher’s book doesn’t just give vague advice on what the different signs might want to drink; she actually provides 16 cocktail recipes for every zodiac sign: Each of these sections not only outlines their strongest personality traits, but also reveals what the signs should avoid. For instance, “you should never serve a Leo a carelessly thrown together concoction,” while a Sagittarius probably won’t be happy with a “simple mixed drink.” Remember, none of these are hard and fast rules that you should take as gospel — more like strong recommendations. In fact, you might be asking yourself why you should even consider astrology when ordering a drink. Sure, it can be helpful when you’re trying to decide if you should quit your job, or download that dating app you delete every couple months. Can it really apply to the more minute aspects of life? Why not just order the vodka soda and get on with your night? Well, your horoscope is meant serve as a guide, not a directive, and that guidance is only meant to strengthen your relationship to your psyche. “I very adamantly believe that astrology helps people understand themselves in a deeper way and then feel more comfortable in their own skin,” Faragher says. “It’s about living your best and truest life.” So yes, Aries, go ahead and keep ordering the vodka soda (this sign usually isn’t inclined to sip on conventional cocktails), but trying the spicy jalapeño margarita might unleash your fiery side, or at the very least teach you to indulge an aspect of your personality that you might be prone to ignoring or suppressing. There shouldn’t be any shame in expressing your authentic self.

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Hey, #medievaltwitter - my Chaucer students told my Arthurian Tradition students about astrology (Ch. read Astrolabe) and now the Arthurian students want to calculate knightly horoscopes. So: what’s Lancelot’s sign, in your professional opinion? (Malory and Chrétien Lancelot)