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From online to on the high street: how one fashion brand made the move

A Square Reader paypoint at Junkbox Couture Each summer, she travels from festival to festival, sets up shop, meets new people and sells her clothes to like-minded folk. “Part of the whole idea of the brand is going out travelling and being outdoors. I don’t want to lose that,” she says. “It’s great to have a place that reflects that.” The community space bringing Scandinavian chic to Glasgow Hyndman started Junkbox Apparel as an online clothing shop in 2013, drawing on a background in retail and her jewellery design hobby. “It came from my own interests and what I wanted in my wardrobe – leisurewear for people who enjoy the outdoors.” The name she picked out with her mum, inspired by where people tend to store their accessories, in particular their costume jewellery. “You used to call that junk jewellery, hence where Junkbox came from,” she says. “It applies to what the brand is now: you chuck your stuff in a bag and you’re off.” The idea of travelling light evolved from her days of going on holiday with a different outfit packed for each day. “I hate doing that now, but I still like to look good and I like to be comfortable.” Which is why she came up with the capsule set: a few items of clothes that centre around a similar colour palette and activity that mix and match, so they are all that is needed for a weekend away. “You chuck them in a bag and you’re done,” she says.

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